Blackberry Hill Farm is a modest family farm in Columbia County Upstate New York. We have been growing herbs organically for almost 20 years. We diversified by adding llamas, sheep and angora rabbits to our operation and we now produce luxury fibers for handspinners and knitters. To meet the challenges of marketing our products we became vendors at farmers markets, fairs and festivals from New York City to the Capital District in New York State. We hosted workshops and classes where we taught participants how to raise farm animals, to garden, and to use herbs for cooking and health.

Maple syrup became a member of our product line when we realized that we were ignoring one of natures many gifts. Now, instead of dreading February and the bleakness of midwinter, we look forward with anticipation to being outdoors collecting sap, and the process of sugaring and its wonderful rewards. Spring, summer, fall or winter, each season is special on our farm. From lambing to shearing, to sugaring, there is something for everyone. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them.